Larry helped me see myself more accurately and with better perspective; to see myself not in terms of “strengths and weaknesses” but in terms of skills and opportunities, challenges for growth as well as abilities of value to others.

DK, Concord, MA

Thank you for your most welcomed and inspiring presentation about the values of networking. I especially appreciate your generosity in allowing me to take home the Power Networking DVD, even though I was ten dollars short. I could not wait to see the DVD and it is worth every penny. Thanks to your presentation, and to Eric Ross’ presentation on the DVD, I am confidently looking forward to networking opportunities…

Carolyn G

I want to thank you once again for the Identify Your Ideal Career Workshop. I thought it was exceptional! Focused, with lots of relevant material, the course helped me make a strategic career move. I truly enjoyed the process of working through the personal assessments to help me figure out “what I want to be when I grow up.” ...The course was well worth the investment in money, time and the energy to do it right. I’d highly recommend this course to anyone who is tired of searching for their next “job” and wants to truly find the career path for the long-haul.

Dave A.

I am excited about reentering the workforce and becoming a manager again. I am starting a new chapter in my life and am thankful for the opportunities granted to me. Thank you again… I needed your advice, direction, and support. Your interaction made a difference in my life! I realize that I have a way to go in my journey, and I know that I will be contacting you again as I am sure that I will need coaching from time to time to maintain my focus, stay positive and work on my communication skills.

Jacquelynn R.

Career Counseling Services

career counseling

At Success Associates career counseling is a collaborative process that helps you clarify your purpose, understand your special strengths, and develop challenging yet attainable career goals. We believe it is possible to move from work that is just OK, to work that fits who you are, building on your skills, interests and talents. Today income, security and achievement all flow to those who find work they love. We can help you attain that goal.

career counseling

Career success also involves knowing how to job hunt in today’s competitive labor market of scanned resumes and stress interviews. We’ll help you take action to realize your goals by preparing you to market yourself. You’ll learn how to create a powerful resume, how to create a network of job contacts using area networking groups and, and how to impress employers when interviewing.

We provide these career services to help you advance:

career counseling
  • A Career Assessment Package (see below)
  • Assessment Tests measuring career interests, personality factors and skills
  • Career Counseling and Coaching
  • Private Outplacement Services
  • Individualized Resume Development
  • Career Management Workshops
  • Job Search Success Teams
  • Links to Metro-Boston’s oldest professional networking group WIND Networking

How we can help you to achieve your career goals

Career Assessment Package

We have developed a special package of services at an affordable price that will help you to quickly identify a career goal right for you. It includes:

  • help in developing a career goal that matches your talents to today’s job market
  • an individualized interpretation of five assessment tools: the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory, the Campbell Interest Assessment, the Clifton Strengths Finder 2.0, the Skills Scan, and the Career Anchors Values Assessment
  • a Skills Assessment process helping you identify areas where you have excelled and produced results
  • a workbook with exercises and readings to augment the counseling process
  • a Career Action Plan to help you achieve your short and long term goals

Fee: This five-session package is an investment in yourself that will benefit you throughout a lifetime! Costs vary with the services required. Payment plans are available.
Individual tests and interpretations: $125.00

Customized Resume Development

career counseling

Resumes can open or shut doors of opportunity. If your resume isn’t getting the results you want we will help you create a resume with impact, one that employers will respond to because it will show the results you have produced. We can also help you prepare a LinkedIn profile to use when networking, a Networking Profile sheet, and an “electronic resume” that you can post on appropriate websites.
Fee: Three price ranges available depending upon your needs.

Private Outplacement Counseling

career counseling

Many professionals receive funds for outplacement services from employers. We will create with you an individualized outplacement package to meet your needs for career reemployment services.

Fee: Outplacement packages are negotiated with employer and/or client.

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