Corporate Clients

  • Bentley Pharmaceuticals
  • Boston Medical Center
  • Cambridge Chemical Technologies
  • Cardinal Health
  • Career Source Career Center
  • Cole Resource Center at Mclean Hospital
  • Commonwealth Corporation
  • Community Health Education Center
  • Donahue Institute, UMass Boston
  • Home Start
  • Healthy Baby, Healthy Child Program
  • Holyoak Health Center
  • Hood Milk
  • JFK Child Care Center
  • Kool Connect
  • Local 285, SEIU
  • Mass Department of Public Health
  • North Shore Hospital
  • Outside The Classroom
  • Resource Partnership
  • Springfield Hospital

Professional Presentations

  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • American Society for Quality
  • Attleboro, Mass Career Center
  • Belmont Public Library
  • Boston Medical Center Development Office
  • Career Counselors Consortium
  • Community Health Education Center, Boston and Lowell
  • Framingham Jewish Family Services
  • Framingham Public Library
  • Independent Career Counselors Group
  • Jewish Vocational Service
  • Mass Dept of Public Health
  • Manic Depressive and Depressive Association
  • Medical Development Group
  • National Association for the Mentally Ill
  • Northeastern University Alumni
  • Notre Dame Alumni Association
  • One-Stop Career Centers (Workplace, Job Net, Career Link, Career Place, Milford)
  • South Weymouth Naval Air Station
  • The High Technology Center
  • Tufts University Alumni
  • Westboro Public Library
  • WIND Networking
  • Women In Publishing
  • UMass Donahue Institute

In the Media

Television & Radio

  • Chronicle (Channel 5)
  • Channel 7 News (Casey Kauffman)
  • New England Cable News
  • Boston Community Cable (Channel 9)
  • Blumberg Radio
  • Attleboro Radio


  • Quincy Patriot Ledger
  • Booming
  • Boston Globe
  • Boston Globe Sunday Magazine
  • Boston Herald
  • 128 News
  • Metrowest Jewish Community News
  • Foxboro Sun Chronicle
  • The Christian Science Monitor
  • Associated Press (released nationally)

Outplacement Services


Success Associates Career Services develops customized outplacement or transition programs for companies based on the programmatic selections described below. The exact content of the services provided will vary depending on the sponsoring company’s considerations. The sponsoring company chooses which items in the menu of selections to emphasize and how long the outplacement services last.

Why Our Program Succeeds

I am excited about reentering the workforce and becoming a manager again. I am starting a new chapter in my life and am thankful for the opportunities granted to me. Thank you again… I needed your advice, direction, and support. Your interaction made a difference in my life!

Jacquelynn R.

For Companies Successful outplacement programs for laid off staff create internal and community goodwill for a firm, help retain staff and raise morale, and, help those impacted quickly regain productive employment. The small cost to a firm is vastly outweighed by the benefits to the company.

For the Outplaced Clients At Success Associates outplacement clients learn how to market themselves, their careers, and their skills. We have found that our clients do best in terms of staying positive and landing a job because they engage with a professional in a sustained counseling / coaching relationship. This relationship is crucial to the process. Each client has a personal coach with whom they can connect, get feedback, discuss career alternatives, develop accountability, and practice their job search skills. We help our clients move out of their comfort zone to do the work they need to do to land their next position.


Career Materials Each client will receive as part of a typical outplacement package: extensive career and job search coaching, a job search workbook, vocational assessments, career audio CDs and DVDs, WIND membership, LinkedIn Profile and a professionally created resume.

Cost of Services The cost of services varies with the company budget for such services and the needs of the client. Services are added or deleted depending on company and client circumstances. The cost of the above professional level Career Outplacement Service Package is negotiated with the client company and is payable in advance. There is no refund for early placement.

Companies typically purchase from as little as one or two hours of personalized outplacement services to 15 or 20 hours for released professional staff. Costs will vary with hours of service provided and are negotiated with the company. These costs are inclusive of all materials, books, assessments and resume development.

The typical outplacement program contains some or all of the below components:

Career Self-Assessment Develop a clear career goal suited to the client’s talents and strengths.

Targeted Job Search Action Plan Develop a targeted Job Search Action Plan.


Resume Preparation Assist client in the preparation of a professional resume.

Networking & Self Marketing Learning how to market yourself through networking.

Staying Positive, Motivated & Confident During The Job Search To learn how to stay positive and motivated during a potentially lengthy job search.

Interviewing & Negotiating Offers To master the art of interviewing and the skills of salary negotiation.

Where Held Scheduled appointments are held at Success Associates offices or at other agreed upon places and/or by phone. Clients will also be urged to participate in professional networking groups and support groups.

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