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Today we live in an era of ongoing economic transition. Careers are no longer way stations between your twenties and retirement. Jobs and companies come and go. Americans now change jobs an average of eight times a lifetime and change careers three times. Whether we like it or not, we live in an era of career instability. We are now continually challenged to maintain state of the art job skills if we are to maintain our employability. We must also know how to job search and market ourselves because a merger or downsizing will quickly land us back in the labor market.

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What is positive about this period is that doing the work you love is now possible for more people than ever. Studies show that when people do the work they love they become high achievers, earn good incomes and stay employed. The challenge today is to shift the questions you ask yourself from, “What jobs are in high demand now?” or, “What work pays the most?” to “What kind of work taps my own unique talents and interests?” or “What kind of work would I really love or find challenging?”

This focus on finding work that meshes with your unique skills and strengths is backed by scientific research and it becomes even more relevant during times of recession. Employers want staff who know where they can excel and who can articulate the value they add to an organization.

At Success Associates we provide cutting edge career counseling services to help you discover your special vocational strengths and to prepare you to land the job of your dreams. We offer individual career assessment packages or the opportunity to discover your optimal career in our “Identify Your Ideal Career” group.

For those who have a clear career direction we offer job search services which will help you land the job of your dreams in the shortest time possible.

Mission Statement

Success Associates’ mission is to help you take charge of your career whether that means changing careers, getting a promotion, or finding a job. We help you realize your potential while teaching cutting edge job search skills you can use throughout your career. For organizations, Success Associates provides affordable, state-of-the-art transition (outplacement) services to help your organization respectfully downsize.

We are different. We incorporate into all our services the latest in Peak Performance techniques that help individuals stay positive, confident and motivated. Our career assessment process is based on the latest scientific research which guides people towards careers where they can excel, not just survive. We are customer friendly. Our rates are affordable, our offices convenient (Belmont and Canton, MA), and we offer specialized packages of services, direct links to WIND, the premier New England networking organization, and on-site and off-site trainings by New England’s finest career instructors.

Larry Elle, LCSW Director, Success Associates

Larry Elle, Director of Success Associates Career Services

Larry Elle is Director of Success Associates Career Services, and former facilitator of WIND South, WIND Boston, and WIND West, networking groups for transitioning professionals. He provides Career Coaching and workshop trainings to Boston area professionals. Prior to this he provided clinical counseling services and training at Boston area outplacement centers for the Commonwealth Corporation. There he developed Success Teams, a highly effective group coaching process that returned people to work in half the normal time. He also taught at Newbury College and worked extensively with people with disabilities providing career services through the Resource Partnership.

Larry trained in History and Psychology at the State University College in Buffalo, NY and at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA. He is a licensed Clinical Social Worker, a Nationally Certified Career and Job Transition Coach, certified Myers-Briggs administrator, and the published author of Community Connections: Resources for Massachusetts Unemployed (1994 and 1998). He produced Power Networking, a DVD for job seekers and was the founding sponsor and current President Emeritus and Senior Advisor of the Professional Development Collaborative (PDC), a non-profit providing affordable trainings to unemployed professionals using the talents of other transitioning professionals.